Ostara is originally the Celtic festival celebrated during the Spring Equinox. A great cleansing is coming to welcome the energy of all beginnings. Thus, our hair and our scalp needing to purify the energy of Winter sees itself gorged with seborrhea as the wood is again gorged with sap.

Symbol of Spring and Nature, the color of Ostara is Green: its vibratory virtues heal the liver, calm anger, bring a principle of holistic healing. Adorn yourself in green during this Equinox and during the application of the Ostara ritual of your adornment.

In nature everything is connected. We are part of it without distinction. At the heart of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, the human being participates in this connection over the seasons and passages. Everything echoes. Everything is mirror. Hair is no exception.

Created around the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Ostara Range helps to reduce problems related to the liver. Reservoir of vitamins that it makes available to our body through the blood, when it is deficient or weakened, certain symptoms such as headaches, tinnitus, dizziness and irritability may appear. At the emotional level, if it works optimally, we have confidence in ourselves, we initiate new projects in all “faith”. Our imagination and creativity are fertile. Nature offers us her medicine to restore the imbalances caused by the seasons and the crossings of our lives.

The scalp is a microbiota in its own right that changes according to our lifestyle, proven or occasional hormonal disorders, drug therapies, our stress, seasonal changes, etc. The Ostara festival marks a real turning point towards a new era. However, you may perceive other "inner springs" at other times of the year depending on the events and trials to be experienced that modify your terrain.

When your client passes through your hands, you are used to making a diagnosis on her “menu of the day”. If she has excessive seborrhea, dandruff, itching, hormonal dysfunction, heavy or drug treatment, significant stress, you can now recommend a ritual around our Ostara products at the baccalaureate and at home.

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