Celebrated in June, during the summer solstice, the Celtic festival of Litha is the entry into the warm light of summer and the celebration of the deities traditionally associated with nature. The longest day of the year, it is a time when all the kingdoms are full of life and light before starting the slow decrease until the winter solstice.

Feast of fertility, abundance and creativity, Litha works for our evolution and our life mission. Its alchemy of light rushes into our cells to bring the sacred fire of transformation.

On the path to beauty, taking care of yourself becomes an imperative of sacred connection to Nature, to the rhythm of the seasons and their own energies. Hair, the golden thread between earth and sky, plays a major role in these profound transformations.

To magnify the spirit of Litha, your hair, like your being, invites you to a new dance: getting drunk on light while protecting yourself from the burns of the purifying and guardian fire.

“Dancing barefoot in the heart of the sacred fire. Fertilize your path paved with flowers and old songs. The time for the celebration has arrived! A sovereign is coming, Queen of fire and love. Intoxicate yourself with joy brought to its zenith.
Vibrate the sun! Embody the infinity of life! ”

When Litha inspires you, the heat brings certain disharmonies at the bodily level. Our body, our skin and our hair react to excess fire whether it is seasonal, internal, psychic and/or emotional.
It is manifested by itching, irritation, skin inflammation, dryness, excessive sweating.

Our Litha cure comes to restore the circulation of fluids, blood, refresh and rebalance the fire, Nature offers us its medicine to restore the imbalances caused by the seasons and the crossings of our lives.

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