Our engagements for Assembled Hair Colors in France.

100% Vegetal

At L'Envolée des Couleurs we favor the human, the environment and animals. The products are guaranteed 100% vegetable. All of our collection is hand-crafted and hand-picked coloring plants, treated ethically in Rajasthan in Northern India.
This harvest is then transported to France to allow Nathalie and her team a manual production of products. It is important for L'Envolée des Couleurs to ensure production control to guarantee respect for the hair and the environment.

Not tested on Animals

L'Envolée des Couleurs also ensures that the entire range is not tested on animals.

You will find at the bottom of this article an overview of our plantations in North India in Rajasthan showing you that all our plants are ethically treated to respect the hair and the environment.

Assembling Workshop in France

All our shades are assembled in our laboratory in Nice, according to the exclusive formulas elaborated by Nathalie Sisto.

Plant History

Henna or Lawsonia Inermis

Botanical : Henna is a thorny shrub up to 5 meters tall
Part Used : The leaves are washed and dried and then reduced to powder
Color : orange
Symbolic : This plant is given magical powers. It is thus used during rituals and has a strong symbolic representation. It is said that since the dawn of time it is the woman who has the knowledge and practice of henna.

Chamomile or Matricaria Recutita

Botanical : Wild chamomile or chamomile is a medicinal plant used since ancient times Greco-Roman.
Part Used : The flower is dry then reduce to powder.
Color : golden
Symbolic : Chamomile chamomile as the name suggests (Matrix) is a reassuring and soothing plant. It is connected to the placenta of the mother by the symbolic.

Turmeric or Turmeric Lounga

Botanical : Turmeric is a medicinal herb (spice).
Part Used : Once harvested, the root is reduced to powder.
Color : yellow orange
Symbolic : This spice with multiple benefits is a powerful anti-inflammatory. In energy, turmeric has the power to evacuate deep fears. It is a plant of the future, a great natural remedy of our century.

Indigo or Indigofera Tinctoria

Botanical : The indigo tree is a shrub about 1m50 high that produces pretty pink flowers to violets.
Part Used : The leaves are washed and dried and then reduced to powder
Color : blue night
Symbolic : Indigo is also called Blue Gold. Indeed, the powerful blue she leaves is incomparable in the world of plants. Indigo is also said to be an effective depurative as well as a recognized liver stimulant.