Enter the Vibratory Universe
Plant Plants Coloring ...

Color is life, it vibrates through the plant that carries it.
We pay as much attention as possible to the selection of the plants, their cultivation, harvesting, extraction,
freeze-drying, and preparation so that their energy is respected.

Our ethos has brought us to the other side of the world to meet farmers in their
environment to ensure the quality of their products.

L'Envolée des Couleurs

"The well-being of my clients is distinguished by respect for their hair and their nature, so I have always favored the use of vegetable products for shampoos and colorations in our salon, which are the basis of our Knowing how much chemical coloring products attack the hair, the scalp and the person who administers them, I wanted to develop my own line of colorings, shampoos and plant care.
More than a brand, L'Envolée des Couleurs is a 100% vegetal line, developed with the utmost care and respect for nature, the environment, animals and men and hair. "

- Nathalie Sisto, Creator of L'Envolée des Couleurs.

All our Vegetable Colorings are made in Nice in our L'Atelier de l'Envolée laboratory
and made from carefully selected plants from India.

Most of our hair dyes meet the criteria of the Ayurvedic approach
for the respect of the hair and the environment.

Your Color is Unique and Custom

Your hair fiber is embellished and respected thanks to the coloring and caring plants that make up the formulas of vegetable colorings, shampoos, care and balms of the brand L'Envolée des Couleurs.
From roots to tips, our team of hairdressers and specialists are there to restore the shine to the hair thanks to our colorations and bring you a natural result.

Do you know the benefits of clay?

On our planet life could not have been born without the help of clays.
Thousands of years later, these minerals can still help to heal.
Clays have accompanied our history on five continents, it is rare to find an ethnic group that does not use them to heal.
Around the world the oldest written documents testify to the use of clays. Without clay, no life on our planet.
Clay is a real aspirator for toxins. It penetrates deeply into the hair follicles of the scalp to purify, detoxify and regenerate cells to eliminate all toxins. Clay removes the film-forming deposition of chemicals accumulated over time.
It promotes the reconstruction of the healthy cell and restores the PH too acidic hair. Clay has a natural intelligence.
There is a wide variety of clays. It seems that the pharmaceutical companies are starting to explore the potential of natural extraction products that are clays.
The PH of the scalp is an interesting indicator.
When the PH of the hair is alkaline (above PH7) the cuticle softens and the scales spread like a pine cone.
This phenomenon promotes the natural process of coloring because it allows to deposit the pigments in the structure of the hair itself. Hair that has an alkaline and porous structure does not retain color effectively. The cuticle can not keep the pigments that disappear during shampoos. When the pH drops below 6 (acid PH) the cuticle of the hair contracts and narrows.