Wholesaler in vegetable coloring for organic hairdressers

You are a hairdresser? A make-up brand? A center of care and aesthetics? A hairdresser at home? L'Envolée des couleurs works with all hair professionals, offering a range of vegetable coloring, shampoos and 100% natural and organic care, as well as personalized support.

Natural and organic coloring products

Our brand contains exclusively herbal colorings, 100% natural treatments and shampoos. The plants used are selected with rigor and attention. We are very careful about the raw materials: the coloring plants are harvested by hand, treated with ethics in the north of India. We then receive them in our workshop in Nice, to manually make our colors. This respect for craftsmanship, this human work, allows us to ensure a real quality with a production control at every step. This is how our twenty vegetable colors come into being.

In parallel, L'Envolée des Couleurs, wholesaler in vegetable coloring, also offers shampoos and treatments, to pamper the scalp before and after coloring.

A plant color requires a real grip of the hair, including the application of a shampoo 48 hours after application, to fix the color and give volume.

Suitable formats for hairdressing professionals

The passage to the plant is a first for you? L'Envolée des couleurs offers regular trainings in Nice and everywhere in France. On the one hand to introduce you the range and allow you to speak easily to your customers, and on the other hand to master all the techniques of application.

What is the interest of the plant for the hair? What is a plant color? How to maintain my hair after? What care to apply daily? Should I come to the hairdresser more often? Will we see my roots faster? Here are as many questions as your customers can ask you. We are here to give you all the necessary arguments and advice, allowing you to anticipate each question and add practical tips.

How are our products packaged?

Because every professional is different, we thought our packagings in several formats. This in order to optimize your orders according to your activity and your customer flow.

For example, we have imagined for you iron boxes, perfectly adapted to store coloring or caring powders L'Envolée des couleurs. The box of 200g is ideal if you make homes and you move regularly, always being on the road. On the other hand, the box of 2kg will be more adapted if you are a hairdresser with storefront. Very aesthetic, they can also serve as decoration.

Want to know more ? Questions ?

The whole team of L'Envolée des couleurs is at your disposal to inform you about our hair colorings, shampoos and treatments as well as our way of working the hair. Convinced for many years of the aggressiveness of chemicals on the hair, we are keen to offer a natural range, taking care of both men and the environment. More than a wholesaler in vegetable coloring, L'Envolée des couleurs is also a state of mind and a desire to bring well-being to our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to meet us.

If you want to become a wholesaler for the flight of colors, create your account and after validation from us, you can order the products directly on our site.