Dark Chestnut Plant Color SI 500g

From mother-of-pearl to ebony, enter the vibratory world of coloring plants.

Staining in 2 steps
Buxus Dioica: Blue
Height of tone: 1 to 6 (from black -1 to dark blonde - 6)
Percentage of white hair: 0 to 100%
Exposure time: 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes

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Shades, Reflections & Color Specifics
Dark Chestnut SI can be used alone or mixed with other shades. Ideal for people allergic to indigo. Coloring can be performed in 2 applications to darken white hair. It is a care coloring herbal dyes and caring Ayurvedic and silica. Give shine and volume.

Little Plant Story
Sidr or jujube, whose leaves are extracted, dried and reduced to powder, will help a better color on the white hair. This plant has cleansing & moisturizing effects on the hair. It fixes the vegetable color.


Before the Coloring
Prepare the hair before any first vegetable coloring: about 4 masks of seaweed / clay (1 per week). To test in the fold of the elbow, 48h before use.

Preparation of the Color
Mix about 50g of the vegetable color in warm water (<45 °) to obtain a creamy and smooth paste.

Application of Color
Apply on washed and dried hair. Spread carefully line by line starting at the back. Respect the exposure time recommended by your plant colorist, rinse thoroughly until the complete removal of the coloring powder and make a shampoo to the plant fixative A morning dew or The soaring sensual.

Do not Wash your Hair before 48 hours after Staining.

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