What's New in L'Envolée des Couleurs

Why Choose a Plant Coloring ?

The Color Stains L'Envolée des Couleurs are 100% natural and without chemicals.
He respects the vegetable, animal and mineral world.

The tinctorial and Ayurvedic plants (dyeing and healing) were selected by our team directly at the source in Rajasthan in northern India.

The vegetable powders are mixed and prepared not our care in our laboratory in Nice "L'Atelier de l'Envolée".
Everything is handcrafted manually to control each product and ensure optimum quality.
Our method of manufacture is unique because everything is developed to sublimate and respect the plant (all in conscience by music and encoding).
This minutia allows us to offer today 17 shades and 1 powder treatment to 9 Ayurvedic plants "The Vishnu Pryia".

The Plant Coloring Sheath, protects, while giving shine and shine to the hair.

Once the plant coloring is adopted, it is very difficult to return to chemical stains!

Below are some reasons to switch to Plant Coloring:

• Take care of your health: chemical stains contain many ingredients harmful to the environment and our health.

• A real care for her hair: the vegetable coloring makes it possible to shine, to make softer, more brilliant and in a better health vo hair.

• Plant Coloring allows you to enjoy an infinite palette of colors.

• Preserving the environment: The 100% natural vegetable coloring removes the releases in water of the chemical compounds of the classic colors.